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Club Quarantine: How to Throw a 21st in a Pandemic

Club Quarantine Invite

One of my best friends just turned 21, and we all know the excitement of turning such an important age. We also all know just as to why it is so important! Anyways, turning 21 is just not quite as thrilling since the pandemic began. We can’t really go out to all the bars and party as we would like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun! I know we have been trying to figure something out to safely celebrate my friend’s birthday. So now, I present to you: Club Quarantine. Even if you just get to celebrate your 21st with your family, this can be tons of fun! Let’s go over how to make your own club for those 21 years old at home.

  1. The Club Space

If you’re going to turn your home into a “club,” you have to have a pretty good space to create the club atmosphere. A good idea would be to use one’s garage or basement so that your rearranging of furniture or boxes would be minimal. If you’ve got a mini bar in your basement or whatnot, well you’ve definitely got an advantage (aka less work to create the space!). Once you have a space cleared out and finalized, you can start planning out everything you need. First, you’ll need a bar, a dance floor, and maybe even a with a “bodyguard” and rope entrance for extra fun. Now, let’s get to the decorations now that the logistics are out of the way.

  1. Club Ambience

Party Place has an abundance of balloons and decorations for 21st birthday celebrations that would be perfect for Club Quarantine. It would be a great idea to add some of the balloons to the entrance of the club to signify the birthday aspect. They also have plenty of red-carpet-worthy decorations such as a literal red carpet or rope to add that club vibe. They also have plenty of catering supplies like margarita glasses, pint glasses, and other alcoholic drink cups for an authentic feel for the bartender! Another essential element to making it really feel like a club for your 21-year-old is the lights. Clubs and bars are always dimly lit with the fun colored lights and sometimes even a disco ball if you’re in one of those retro clubs (my personal favorite). Getting a few strands of the LED lights and get that garage-basement-club popping! Adding some sheer curtains and some fun furniture from the home can also really add to that ambiance as pictured below.

Photo courtesy of The Holiday Aisle
  1. The Big Shabang

Now that we have gotten the decorations under control, let’s talk about the final touches. You might even consider doing a theme for your club, whether it has caution tape or medical signs for “Club Quarantine” or if you decide to do a retro or modern club, there are plenty of options to give you the best 21st birthday experience possible in the midst of COVID-19. Just remember to have fun with it, and your 21-year-old will be thrilled with even the effort to give them somewhat of a club experience for this special year!

Photo courtesy of MGN Events

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