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Fun in the Sun: Summer Birthday Ideas

Summer birthday ideas

So, I’m a June baby, which means I have had plenty of experience in throwing pool parties, beach bashes, and everything else “summer” related that I could make into a birthday party. It just made sense! As a kid, who the heck wouldn’t want a pool party for a birthday? I vividly remember playing all sorts of pool games, eating cookie cake and ice cream, and just celebrating my birthday out in the sun. It was a lot of fun, and I think all kids can enjoy a nice beachy, summer-y birthday party. So, to all the summer birthday folks out there, I’ve got a fun beach themed party to throw for your summer celebration!

Beach theme party

Courtesy of Catch My Party

I like to go with classic beach vibes when I plan a summer birthday party. Think: bright colors, the ocean, sunglasses, beach accessories, fruit, and popsicles. These might sound like random items, but read them again. When you read that list you immediately thought back to all those fun summer memories at the beach as a kid, right? Yep. That’s what I thought. It’s simple, really! Party Place makes it even easier with a huge selection of beach and summer themed dinnerware, decorations, party props, and balloons that can be found in store and online here.

One of my favorite beach party decorations has to be this beach ball pinata.

Beach Ball Pinata

 Seriously?! Could that be any cuter?

Food is easy too! Just take that list of summer essentials I gave you nd get those ideas rocking! You’d be surprised at just how cute and clever you can get with these beach snacks. For example, I love the idea of using crushed graham crackers on the birthday cake to imitate sand.

Beach birthday cake

Courtesy of The Little Epicurean

Oh, and these jello cups with little umbrellas and floating bears, I am actually obsessed.

Pool Jello Cups

Courtesy of Stacy Ahrens

Finally, I want to show you these “crabwiches.” Easy, tasty, and too cute! Perfect to grab and go to fill up those kids and fuel them for their pool fun. Just remember to wait to swim after you eat so you don’t cramp up.

Crab sandwiches

Courtesy of Chelsea Francis

With all this food, I’m getting hungry and totally wanting to throw a pool party. Well, my birthday is this month so maybe I’ll do just that. See you there?

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