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Donut Miss This Party


Sorry, but you know I had to do it to you… I can never miss the opportunity for a super corny pun. However, I am serious about not missing this holiday. June 4th. Is. National. Donut. Day. You know I love donuts, and I think I have loved donuts literally my entire life. I’m actually being serious about loving donuts my entire life because my mom has told me that when she was pregnant with me she ate a donut or two every single day of the pregnancy. So, as you can tell I was literally born with the love of donuts, and I still hold this love 21 years later. That’s why I will be throwing a donut-themed party for donut day. Honestly, you don’t even have to do it for National Donut Day. Just throw a donut party anytime you want, babe!

Just imagine a whole party filled with donuts of every kind and the cutest decorations. Big yes. Let’s talk about what I’ve got planned for this donut lover’s party.

My color scheme is inspired by the classic chocolate-covered sprinkle donut. I’m going with a nice brown, bubblegum pink, yellow, and blue (for the sprinkles of course).

(Yes, I want all the colors.) Tie it altogether with a white tablecloth and large confetti flakes to really add that fun and sprinkle-y flair!

For extra decor, I’ll be getting some of those super fun donut balloons found here.

If you aren’t as into all the colors as me, you can narrow it down to two of the four I have chosen and just replace the colors you don’t want with the ones you do!

I also love the idea of adding some fun letter balloons in with my donut balloon to get that trendy cool factor on par with all those TikTok kids, you know? See photo below for reference.

donut balloons

Courtesy of Etsy

Lastly, I know I want to have all the donut flavors because… duh. So, I think a huge table filled with donuts is the way to go. Check out this fantastic skewer idea to elegantly and easily display all the donuts. This makes it easy for guests to grab one of each, and it looks nice!

donut stand

Courtesy of The Modern Silo

So, with that being said, I have got to start buying all my supplies. See you at my donut party!

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