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Memorial Day Bash

Memorial Day BBQ Bash

Nothing screams Memorial Day more to me than a BBQ/cookout vibe. Maybe it’s because school is over by Memorial Day and it’s the first hurrah of summer, or perhaps it is something else! No matter the case, Memorial Day calls for a bbq and that is that. BBQs are casual, social, and lots of fun. The food is simple and good and the company is even better! Just get that grill going, and let’s have a party!

bbq cookout

For decorations, I like to think patriotic and summer aesthetics fit this holiday the best. So, bring out your American flags and the gingham tablecloths… it is their time to shine!

You can really show your American pride with these serving trays and these USA yard stakes. Oh, and for extra flair, we like to add these little flag picks to our table centerpieces. 

Another idea to really elevate your Memorial Day cookout is to do a hot dog and burger bar. This is a great way to make a simple cookout a little more sophisticated and exciting for the partygoers. It’s basically the same thing as a regular cookout, just with all your toppings and extras layed out in a nice and accessible manner for everyone to grab the food!

hot dog bar

Courtesy of Everyday Good Thinking

For dessert, why not do ice cream? The weather is getting warmer and so that means ice cream season is upon us (my favorite season tbh). This festive ice cream sandwich is super easy and super fun! Just go buy your favorite ice cream sandwiches (my mom and I live for North Star) and cover the edges in red, white, and blue sprinkles. You’ll want to keep these frozen up until dessert time, so we suggest putting them all on a platter and covering them in cling wrap so they can simply sit in the freezer door.

ice cream sammy

Courtesy of Involvery

Lastly, let’s not forget about drinks! Again, the weather is getting hotter so you’re gonna want to offer your guests something cool and refreshing. We suggest a nice white wine spritzer with frozen blueberries and strawberries to top it off. This drink is so beautiful guys, and so simple to make! It is a great summer starter drink, and the frozen fruit adds a pretty factor as well a little bit extra summer flavor. Yum!

wine spritzer

Courtesy of The Rising Spoon

That’s all, my friends! You’re now ready to host a fabulous Memorial Day BBQ with some fun new tricks up your sleeve. Come get all your party supplies at The Party Place. Trust me, we’ve got all the American decor and summer vibes you could want!.

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