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Game Night Done Right


As this unconventional school year comes to an end, we all deserve a little bit of a celebration. Endless Zoom calls, tricky online classes, and finicky technology has made school a weird experience for everyone. I know that as a college student, I am ready for in person classes. I feel like I am drowning in school work on Zoom without really knowing what the heck is going on! (Mom, if you’re reading this, my grades are still good, but yeah, it has been hard.)

So, I propose a party that is technology free! We need a break from Zoom and everything else since our lives literally are spent staring at a screen all day. Why not have a party that is completely tech free? You may be asking yourself, well, what are we gonna do at this party? How about a super fun game night that is filled with all the old school board games galore.

I LOVE board games and card games. There is just something so fun about getting together with friends or family and getting that competitive spirit for something so simple like Monopoly or Life. I think board games are also a great way to connect with people and just have a lot of fun. We may get competitive, but it is all in good fun. We don’t have to think about the life problems or anything else. We just get to have that kid-spirit once again with all the old school games.

Alright, let’s get down to business. The perfect celebratory game night coming your way…

We like to keep decorations straight forward, simple, and fun around here. There is no need for fuss when you can get the best looking party with just a little pizazz. Party Place has that! Just check out our balloons , table decorations , and other party supplies to get the vibe you want.

DIY Inspired Game Night

Courtesy of DIY Inspired

As for the games, we all probably own a few decks of cards and board game classics just because you know, it was the cool thing to do back in the day! I would do games like Life, Scrabble, Sorry, and all the goodies. Maybe steer clear of Monopoly unless that is all you want to play at your party!

Jenga, Uno, Nertz, and other card games are also great and fun options! Cards Against Humanity and Quiplash are great for older audiences, so if you are having children over, keep it to the kid-friendly classics!

Food is also important! I suggest grab and go food options that allow your players to play while not getting hangry! Adding fun labels that pertain to your game is also a nice touch. Personally, I am in love with the Scrabble Cheez Its! Say less! Give it to me!

DIY Inspired Game Night

Courtesy of DIY Inspired

With little effort that results in tons of fun, what is holding you back on doing a game night? We all need it after the wild year it has been!

Tastefully Simple Game Night

Courtesy of Tastefully Simple

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