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Bubble Party! No, Not that Kind of Bubble!

Boba drinking glass

Guys. Big news. Did you know that April 30th is National Bubble Tea Day?! I KNOW. Please, hold your excitement, I know it is hard! Anyways, what better way to celebrate this fun and random holiday than to throw a bubble tea party!

If you don’t know what bubble tea is, you might recall something called “boba.” It’s the same thing! So, if you hear people referring to bubble tea as boba or vice versa, just know you’re all on the same wavelength. It is a super trendy, tasty, and customizable drink that is loved all across the world. Wonder where you can get some? Here are some local places that sell boba in Fort Smith:

Smiling Cup Boba Tea

Sakuu Asian Bakery and Deli

Asian Cafe

Phở King

For your boba party, you could totally support your local businesses by getting your boba there for the event, or you could even think about asking if you could throw it there!

Another fun idea for a National Bubble Tea Day party would be to make it a boba crawl! You could print out a little checklist (like the one below) with all the places your group will go to and try all the boba! How fun!

Bubble Tea Fort Smith Arkansas Crawl List

After you’ve done the crawl, you’re gonna need a space to chill and drink all the boba you’ve now acquired. As the weather warms up, it is the perfect opportunity to have an outdoor backyard party! Let’s get to decorating.

The focal point of this boba party is obviously boba, but how do you translate that into a decoration? A boba balloon, duh!

As shown in these photos, you can make a huge cup of boba that is just so darn cute!

Diy Boba Balloon decoration
Boba balloon
Photos Courtesy of Etsy

At Party Place, we have all the supplies you need to make a boba ballon! Check out our balloon section here  to look at all the color offerings. You can also talk our balloon experts and talk about how to make your boba balloon the best of the best!

You’ll also want to include some sweet snacks to go along with your boba so check out our partyware here

This is a super simple party idea that packs a big punch! You support the local businesses, your decor is minimal, and we’ve got everything you need! Just get that boba balloon together, some aesthetic plates, napkins, and forks, and you’ve got yourself a boba party.

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