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How to Throw an End of Summer Picnic Bash

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With the end of summer coming sooner than we want, it’s time we throw a party that will end the summer with a big bang! Picnics are one of the most summery things I can think of, and there is no better way to celebrate than with a huge picnic.

Picnics are super on-trend as well right now, and I think that there are so many great ways you can decorate for a picnic to pick any kind of vibe you’re going for. Personally, I am a huge fan of the cottage core and flowy vibe that just gives me total Secret Garden vibes. Like hello, is that not everyone’s dream to have their own dreamy picnic?

Anyways, picnics are great too because the food is easy to make since it needs to be picnic basket portable! You also can break out all the fun patterned quilt blankets your grandmother gave you 10 years ago, and they’ll be perfect!

Since we’re going for a dreamy, cottage vibe for this picnic, we should think about a color palette. Pastels, florals, and fruit are perfect to start with when planning your picnic bash.

My picks from the Party Place: these lemonade plates, fresh mint plastic cups, and these floral cupcake picks.

Also, for seating, think about different cushions you can use for extra comfort, but if you don’t have any, blankets are also perfectly fine!

picnic party

Courtesy of Dream and Party LLC

We love the way this pastel and floral setup uses both the cushions and blankets for the picnic bash.

It’s also a great way to utilize wood pallets for a tabletop to eat on, but it is not necessary to throw a good picnic. Go to your local wood supplier or home improvement store to inquire about free wood pallets for all your outdoor party needs.

You can also do something as simple as a white sheet for your picnic and really invest your time in the food and candles. For example, the photo below is a very elegant picnic party that doesn’t break the bank with lots of seating or decoration. Simply buy some dinnerware and candles and you’ll be on your way to the prettiest picnic!

picnic 2

Courtesy of TikTok

Backyard picnic bashes are also an optimal time to do an outdoor movie screening, so get those projectors out and show a classic fan-favorite film! This is the perfect time to show your kids all those great 80s classic movies like The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink! With a picnic bash to signify the end of the summer, the options are endless! You can customize the decorations and food to your preferences while always being able to stay within the theme. It’s a great way to spend quality time with your friends and family while doing all the trendy party themes! Maybe your kid will film a TikTok and go viral, who knows!

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