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Back to School Party Ideas for Your Kids


Perhaps your kids are devastated with summer coming to a close, and maybe you’re excited about getting the kids out of your hair for a little bit. Regardless of how you feel about the end of summer, celebrate the start of a new school year with a party for your kids. This will get them excited about starting a new school year, and it is a great way for them to make new friends and rekindle their school friendships before the homework starts rolling in.

We have three back to school party theme ideas for you, and you can decide which one speaks to you the most!

  1. Keeping it Simple

You can totally just go with a classic back to school party for a simple and effective theme. Personally, I am a sucker for the classics, so this is a great option! I love this simplistic yet adorable party from Momo Party. By doing a mini balloon arch and adding in some comically big school supplies, they’ve been able to make a simple and cute back to school party that gets right to the point. I think another aspect that makes this theme successful is by keeping the palette limited and running with the school supplies for your main form of decoration.

keeping it simple
Courtesy of Momo Party
  1. Too Cool for School

For the kids that don’t vibe with school that much, this is a great way to play it cool with them while also motivating them for the school year. Throw them a party that lets them know just how cool they really are! Lots of kids use emojis like it is their own language, so try to keep up with the latest trends to really get their approval. For this party, I imagine that one emoji with sunglasses as a focal point for decoration. Host the party with ease by including your kids’ favorite foods and activities so they feel like summer will never end!

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emoji party
Courtesy of Rebecca’s Parties
  1. Kindergarten Kickoff

Maybe this is the first time your kid is going to big kid school! This one is a little different than the others because they are technically going to school for the first time, but it still is a fun idea! This is a great way to invite all the neighborhood kids so everyone can make friends before the first day. It can be intimidating not knowing anyone, so get that out of the way with a kindergarten kickoff.

I suggest going with primary colors and alphabet balloons to signify all the wonderful and new things your kids will be learning this year. These are some formative years, so let’s celebrate them!

kindergarten kick off
Courtesy of Satsuma Designs

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