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Movie Night!

With all the school events kicking back up and our schedules filling up again, let’s destress by throwing ourselves a movie night party! Personally, I love movies, and therefore, I love movie nights. There is just something so appealing to me about sitting down and wasting the night away with my friends watching a bunch of movies. I’ll be honest, sometimes we do more talking than real movie watching, but hey, the commentary during the movie is always hilarious.

I actually just got a vintage projector screen from Belle Starr Antique & Vintage Market here in Fort Smith, that is literally my new favorite thing. I know it is going to elevate my movie parties with my friends at college! Even in a small space like my college apartment’s porch, I am able to throw some super fun parties for all my friends. The best thing is that it really is just about us finding the time to enjoy each other’s company during the business of the semester, so that’s why these really hold a special place in my heart.

porch projector

Here is my projector screen on my porch!

However, I am totally going to elevate my movie night parties even more with some fitting decorations! I am thinking for my next movie night I’ll do a lovely black and gold color palette for that classic Hollywood glam.

For example, this Black and Gold Metallic Tassel Garland would be perfect to hang around my apartment and porch for some flare. I would also suggest buying a few of the awards night statuettes to put on your tables and maybe where you’re keeping the snacks to get a cohesive Hollywood flow for your movie night!

gold tassels

Lastly, I would decorate the walls behind my screen or even scattered on my table with these fantastic die-cut foil stars. They just scream “movie night under the stars,” and I am totally here for it!

The best part is that you can do a simple popcorn bar with lots of toppings to offer, and your food is taken care of for the night! I love popcorn to an unhealthy extent so this is honestly the dream.

popcorn bar

Courtesy of

Anyways, this is a great and easy way to get all your friends over before things get too chaotic with school and other life events! Cherish the time you have with them all, and get that movie night rocking!

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