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A Freakin’ Freakshake Party


Do you know what a freakshake is? Well, if you don’t, no need to feel bad, I didn’t know what one was until I went to Vegas a year ago and saw a whole storefront dedicated to them! Basically, it is an extreme and over the top milkshake, which is probably any kid’s dream (or adult, no judgement here!). So, what make a regular milkshake different from a freakshake are the toppings!

Candy Shake

You might simply be thinking that this would mean sprinkles or Oreo chunks, which you aren’t wrong… but dream bigger! Get more creative with things like donuts, pretzels, chocolate bars, other candy bars, full size cookies and so much more. Honestly, the possibilities are truly endless and up to your own personal preferences which makes this a fantastic party idea.

Even pancakes are a viable option! Check out this one below.


pancake freakshake

I know you might think January isn’t the time to host a milkshake party, but with National Milk Day coming up on the 11th, I find a milkshake party quite endearing and lovely.

So, its simple! Get your friends together, ask everyone to bring a topping and get a whole freakshake topping bar going! Get super duper extreme these things! You don’t want it to be boring! So take those average ol’ vanilla milkshakes and maybe even chocolate if that is your crowd’s vibe. With these two basic flavors, you’ll be sure to cater to everyone’s toppings they bring.

This is a great party idea if you’re hosting a family friendly party that doesn’t include alcohol, or maybe a kid’s birthday, game night, or even just a freakshake get-together!

Be sure to check out these Plastic Mason Jar Glasses for a sturdy and classic option that will be sure to hold all the goodies inside (and they are cute) .

For straws, you’ll want something that can properly suck up the deliciousness, so get these shake straws to ensure awesomeness.

Get crazy and get creative! Check Pinterest for some recipes if you want to get super into it, but don’t be shy, just make something freaky!

Chocolate freakshake
Courtesy of Rawberry Fields
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