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Cookie Decorating Party

Decorating Cookies Cover

Fall is in the full swing and some of us might already be jumping straight to Thanksgiving or even Christmas! Just so you know I am totally in support of embracing all things holiday season — I absolutely love the holidays this time of year and always try to find as many ways as possible to celebrate them. Which brings me to my newest party suggestion for you… a cookie decorating party! Right now elegant sugar cookies are all the rage and it is becoming increasingly popular for friends to get together and decorate them together.

baptism cookies
Created By Sugar And Lace Cookies

The best part about these kinds of parties is that you can make them for whatever holiday you are in the mood to celebrate, for example: fall, winter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, you get the idea.

Now there are a couple of ways that you can go about hosting one of these parties first you can bake your own cookies at home and go out and purchase the sprinkles and icing yourself

DIY Cookies

or you can purchase a cookie decorating kit from a local cookie artist or I believe some grocery stores do have some kits you can purchase in their bakeries. Back in the Spring I purchased this kit from Sugar and Lace Cookies here in Fort Smith, she typically sells them during peak holiday seasons and by request.

cookie kit

Once you have decided how you are going to get your cookies and necessary cookie decorations you are ready to get to party planning.

Typically something like this it is easier to keep the guest list small for cost purposes and to make it more of an intimate bonding experience for everyone involved crafting away at their cookies. The smaller the guest list the more you can splurge on some fun decorations and tasty treats to serve your guest. I would also suggest purchasing a few small cake boxes from The Party Place or Amazon that way your guests have a safe way to transport their cookie creations home without having to worry.

cookie box
Courtesy Amazon

Another great item to provide would be a variety of the small clear plastic containers for sprinkles, icing, and other small decorations that way they can be easily passed around and used.

As far as decorations go this is totally up to you and your theme. If you are hosting a ‘just because party’ I would suggest some balloons and streamers in whatever colors make you happy and if your party is geared towards a certain holiday then go all out and get festive, no matter what just have fun with it!

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