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A Bewitching Tea Party

I know I have mentioned it over a dozen times that I adore Halloween. It is definitely one of my favorite holidays, right up there with Christmas!

Some people will scoff at me for saying I love Halloween, however, I find this is a result of them not realizing just how much fun you can make Halloween!

It does not have to be about the scary ghouls, haunted houses, and spooky encounters. Well, it is, but they do not have to be disturbing or frightening!

Put a spin on it where it is much more enjoyable and cute. It is all about taking the supernatural world and bringing it into ours in a way that is fun and just for kicks! No need to scare off your neighbors! Comes as you aren’t and have tons of fun doing so for one night of the year.

So… I present a Bewitching Tea Party meant not only for witches but also friendly ghosts, goblins, and vampires! Honestly, you can show up as whatever you want, and it will fit the fun and friendly theme.

For a Bewitching Tea Party, the two most important components are color palettes and food.

Think about muted greens, deep and light purples, as well as the obvious… black.

How witchy! Yet, it won’t look cliché with these muted tones, which gives a much more sophisticated feel.

The other thing to consider with colors too is definitely pattern. I think these are good additives to the Halloween party scene because you can mix and match some quirky patterns to really get that classic Halloween look.

Okay, now we have to talk food. The easy thing about a tea party is that it is all finger foods. There is no reason to do a full five course meal when you’re having a posh tea party.

Go for these fun little macarons and mummy scones, as well as finger sandwiches. How adorable! Creative Kitchen is a great source of all sorts of these pastries and finger foods, so check them out!

Finally, we can’t forget one very important detail for a Bewitching Tea Party. You HAVE to add these tiny cauldrons so the guests can get the full effect. Also, consider putting your table menu in a cute little spell book. You can find printable menus on Etsy or even Pinterest.

Well, that’s all I have! Personally I will be attempting to do a party just like this while I live in London. I have to bring Halloween to the Brits, duh!

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