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Christmas Wine Exchange

Look, Christmas is not just for the kids! Adults need to have some fun too. So, naturally, when I saw these Christmas Wine Bottle Bags at the Party Place, I just knew we needed to throw a party with such.

Why not do a fun and festive wine exchange? This is the easiest way to get some adults involved and interested in a fun little party. This can be a great one to use for coworker parties, charity events, and other things you might struggle finding a good theme for if it’s not just for friends. Though, don’t be discouraged, I love doing these with my friends too!

You can even kick it up a notch with an ugly Christmas sweater contest or do something a little more “elegant” with a semi-black tie dress code if this is for a serious crowd.

However, if you want to do the fun Christmas sweater moment, we even have you covered on that end. Just click here.

Anyways, how do you do a wine exchange?

Well, it is quite simple. Set a price range on bottles and/or guidelines (red, white, bubbly, etc). Also, ask them to bring two identical bottles. The first bottle is made for tasting throughout the night, and the second bottle will be for the swap.

There are many ways to play the swap game, but I like to think of it like Dirty Santa. Since everyone has been able to try the wines, they have a good indication of what it is they are trying to take home! People will draw names to see the order and are able to steal bottles, swap with players, or try and keep their hands on the one they really want!

Plus, this is much more fun than Dirty Santa because chances are, people actually want this gift haha!

Do not forget to get some great appetizers and grazing boards for this event. Wine tasting needs food! So either prepare, cater, or ask people to bring items that go well with their wines.

Eat, drink, and be merry! ‘Tis the season!

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A Bewitching Tea Party

I know I have mentioned it over a dozen times that I adore Halloween. It is definitely one of my favorite holidays, right up there with Christmas!

Some people will scoff at me for saying I love Halloween, however, I find this is a result of them not realizing just how much fun you can make Halloween!

It does not have to be about the scary ghouls, haunted houses, and spooky encounters. Well, it is, but they do not have to be disturbing or frightening!

Put a spin on it where it is much more enjoyable and cute. It is all about taking the supernatural world and bringing it into ours in a way that is fun and just for kicks! No need to scare off your neighbors! Comes as you aren’t and have tons of fun doing so for one night of the year.

So… I present a Bewitching Tea Party meant not only for witches but also friendly ghosts, goblins, and vampires! Honestly, you can show up as whatever you want, and it will fit the fun and friendly theme.

For a Bewitching Tea Party, the two most important components are color palettes and food.

Think about muted greens, deep and light purples, as well as the obvious… black.

How witchy! Yet, it won’t look cliché with these muted tones, which gives a much more sophisticated feel.

The other thing to consider with colors too is definitely pattern. I think these are good additives to the Halloween party scene because you can mix and match some quirky patterns to really get that classic Halloween look.

Okay, now we have to talk food. The easy thing about a tea party is that it is all finger foods. There is no reason to do a full five course meal when you’re having a posh tea party.

Go for these fun little macarons and mummy scones, as well as finger sandwiches. How adorable! Creative Kitchen is a great source of all sorts of these pastries and finger foods, so check them out!

Finally, we can’t forget one very important detail for a Bewitching Tea Party. You HAVE to add these tiny cauldrons so the guests can get the full effect. Also, consider putting your table menu in a cute little spell book. You can find printable menus on Etsy or even Pinterest.

Well, that’s all I have! Personally I will be attempting to do a party just like this while I live in London. I have to bring Halloween to the Brits, duh!

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Memorial Day Cookout

memorial day

I love Memorial Day cookouts because they allude to the start of summer. I don’t know about you, but summer has a very specific smell and feeling to it for me, and come Memorial Day on May 30th that feeling comes back! It was always the signal that I could relax from school, my extracurriculars, and could spend time with my family. I love it.

Now that I am older, however—no seriously, I just graduated from college this is insane how old I am—I want to relish even more in these Memorial Day cookouts and summer feelings. I am realizing that this is my last summer without a full-time job (going to grad school), and that is wild. Therefore, I am making this the summer of me and good vibes. To start, I want to have a little Memorial Day cookout situation.

chill party

Party Place has tons of patriotic party supplies that would go great for Memorial Day cookouts, and you can even save them to reuse on Independence Day. Talk about multipurpose and sustainability.

There is not much to a Memorial Day cookout other than a menu prepared on a grill, patriotic decorations, and good friends. That is peak summer vibes to me, and there is seriously nothing better!

Here are some of my fav decorations available from Party Place:

Red, White, Blue Cluster Lights

American Flag Napkins

It doesn’t take much to make a good Memorial Day party set up. Focus on the food, a few decorations, and the general setup.

memorial day cookout

My biggest tip for cookouts like this is to have plenty of seating, but make it casual. People don’t love to be separated by tables at events like these. Consider plenty of cushions, stand-alone chairs, and even a few pedestal-style tables. Keep it casual, and keep it cool.

The same can be said for the food. Keep it easy and casual with things like burgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, and so forth. People are there to relax and soak up the summer vibes. Just let it be, and get your summer going with a Memorial Day cookout.

Also, don’t forget what Memorial Day is truly about, and pay your respects to those that have sacrificed their lives for this country.

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Luck of the Irish: A Kid-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Party

st patricks day party

Anyone else remember that Disney Channel movie Luck of the Irish? Maybe I am just getting old, but I think that to be the best era of DCOMs. Anyways, I loved that movie, but that is not what we are here to talk about.

I have a nephew that is 2 years old, so this is a party that I would want to throw with/for him. Even if it was just me and him… total party time. So, don’t think you need a bunch of people to throw this party. Just adapt it to your needs. I know me and my bestie (my nephew) will have a grand ol time just with us.

That being said, I did want to share a few of my favorite elements of this party I plan on doing.

Balloon Rainbow Arch

I love a good balloon arch, and so does my nephew. This kid loves balloons. Don’t ask me why, but he does. So, it is a definite yes for me to make an arch for this party! It is super cute to use these rainbow balloons with one shamrock and a golden fringe! I love the simplicity, but full effect these all add together!

rainbow balloon arch

Check our balloon selection here.

Rainbow Waffles

Next, I am obsessed with the rainbow waffles. If you couldn’t tell, we are going for the rainbow theme for St. Patrick’s Day. All rainbows and sunshine over here!

rainbow waffles

Make this simple rainbow waffle cake with a tiny waffle iron ($15 at Target and Walmart), food coloring, and some yummy icing! That sounds delicious, and just like something any kid would be loving!

Rainbow Everything!

Get rainbow plates, gold chocolates, and everything else that makes you think of the lucky attributes of this holiday. The rainbows are a great kid-friendly addition that gets them engaged while still following the theme.

rainbow party supplies

I can’t wait to celebrate with my nephew and do all this fun stuff! It doesn’t have to include a lot of people for it to be a party. Just have fun, and may the luck of the Irish be with you! Cheers!

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Mardi Gras Madness: Laissez les bon temps rouler!

mardi gras party

I am one of the biggest Mardi Gras lovers you will ever find. I am not saying this to brag or be different, this is truly just a very simple and true statement. If you know me at all, you would know this is fact. Mardi Gras is one of my favorite holidays! I am Catholic so maybe I am biased, but you seriously do not need to be Catholic to have a good time on Mardi Gras. Though, I am sure you already knew that.

Let the good times roll, and let’s get this party started.

Beads, masks, feathers, and more beads… all in the colors of green, purple, and gold. That is all you need to throw a Mardi Gras party of a lifetime. Get gaudy! That’s how you get the best looking Mardi Gras party! Throw in some bubbly, a few king cakes, and a lot of Cajun food, and I am telling you this party will be perfect.

However, we are going to focus on a tablescape for this party blog.

Alright, I am using this table below as a foundation and inspiration of what I would want my Mardi Gras table to look like.

mardi gras decor

I like the white table cloth that has been died to feature the signature colors, but if this seems like too much to do or not enough time, then definitely go for a white table cloth and festive table runner! Trust me, there are enough decorations to make up for a plain table cloth.

I am also obsessed with the gold chairs that feature beads hanging off of them. Not only décor, but they also double as guest accessories! Secondly, I like the idea of attaching the traditional style masks for a little sophisticated and historical touch.

mardi gras mask

I also am a fan of using anything loud and in your face, so if your party venue allows, these glittery chandeliers could be a dashing touch, along with these festive fan bursts

Lastly, I love that this table used Christmas ornaments that were painted in the style of Mardi Gras to add some finishing touches to the bowls and vases atop the tables. These are great décor fillers, and are super easy to buy or make.

mardi gras table decor

Yippee! We are that much closer to one of my favorite holidays, and I can’t wait to get all my supplies so we can really let the good times roll! Don’t forget your king cakes!

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Merry Grinchmas!

Merry Grinchmas

My nephew has an obsession with the Grinch movie from Illumination, which is what I would assume is this new generation’s version of the iconic Christmas character. I watched it, and it was very good and cute, but when I watched it for the 70th time with him… I was a little tired of it.

However, I never ever get tired of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey. I grew up with this movie, and it has been a staple for my sister and I to watch at least once (though probably more!) a year at Christmas. Recently, I have noticed that this specific iteration of the Grinch has become super popular again this holiday season (thanks TikTok), so, lets pay homage to the Grinch by throwing a party! Let’s throw ourselves a Grinchmas!

The great thing about this is that you can honestly tailor the party to any of the Grinch movies, so pending your favorite, you can use different things to make it known which one you’re referencing. Right now we’ll go with the classic animated film, but there is no limit!

You’ll want to start building your decorations off of the colors lime green and red. Yes, Christmas colors, but you know, lime green is very much so an important color to the Grinch! Think a little gaudy for your decorations, like big sequins, feather boas, and just lots and lots of red and green patterns. You’re trying to emulate Whoville, right? Go crazy!

I personally love this table setting below that includes all of the aforementioned criteria.

Grinch party
Courtesy of Catch my Party

Next, think about adding in a festive hot chocolate bar for your party. It’s Christmas! Who doesn’t want to indulge in hot chocolate at this time of year?! Keep the same color and pattern vibe from the table setting and get it going. Adding things like peppermints, candy canes, whipped cream, and marshmallows to your hot chocolate bar can really make it pop at the party.

grinch party decor
Courtesy of Catch my Party

Lastly, you’ll want to consider some party games. Whether or not you do classic board and card games or find a festive game like White Elephant or Dirty Santa, it can add a ton of fun to your party. I love going to parties and having a bonding moment through a game. Perhaps you can find a way to incorporate this Grinch suit we have at The Party Place… I think it would add a whole different level of fun!

Have a great time with this Grinchmas party, and happy holidays!

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Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

One of my favorite holiday traditions when I was a kid was decorating a gingerbread house. A childhood friend of mine always hosted this super fun gingerbread house party for all of her daughter’s friends, and it was amazing! I looked forward to it every year, and I always appreciated the interesting and unique houses we would all do.

gingerbread house
Courtesy of Catch My Party

This being said, a gingerbread party is definitely something I would like to do again. I think it could be even more fun as an adult simply because it is like a stroll down memory lane. Lucky for all of the River Valley folks, The Party Place has all the materials to make this party a reality!

First and foremost, if you are looking to go an easier route and not make the gingerbread from scratch, we’ve got some great gingerbread house kits so you’re making the workload a little less intensive. Trust me, making super stable gingerbread to build a house out of… it is difficult. 

Anyways, regardless of what you do, you’ll need to designate everyone’s work areas, so why not get these holly jolly placemats and name cards to make a festive table setting that can also help minimize the decorating mess.

You’ll definitely want to get some more decorating materials than what comes with the kits (if you do that) so people can have more unique houses! Some really great and inexpensive options are to get family size bags of candy—like the Christmas M&Ms—or even boxes of cereal! Trust me, Golden Grahams make excellent shingles. Other fun little candies like gum drops or even chicklets are awesome and colorful options, as well as sprinkles!

cups of candy
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Add in a few more table decorations along with all your house décor options, and you’re golden! Put on the classic Christmas music or even a Hallmark movie, and get to decorating. Consider adding in a fun punch, cider, or even sangria to make some real holiday magic! Whether you’re throwing this party for your kid or for yourself, it’ll be a gran ol’ time, and it will make the Christmas season that much more Christmas-y.

Candyland house
Courtesy of Catch My Party
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Give Thanks! (For Coffee + Tea + Cider)

Give Thanks

Howdy! With Thanksgiving approaching, it is time to slow down, reflect, and give thanks for all things that were good this year. It really is a great time to just relax and be thankful. If you’re a college student like me or just live a busy life in general… coffee is probably something you’re thankful for. I know I am. It sounds so cliché for a college student to say this, but oh boy, I am so thankful for coffee. It has gotten me through many days where I have had to work until dawn on a project or paper or anything of the sorts!

coffee bar
Courtesy of

All that being said, I think it would be a fun party idea to throw a Fall/Thanksgiving Coffee and Tea party! It is getting colder by the second, and those hot and caffeinated drinks became way more than just a way to keep you awake. They make you all warm and fuzzy and keep you distracted from how cold you actually are standing outside.

These types of parties are fantastic for lowkey get-togethers that make the best memories.

The primary inspiration for this party are our Pumpkin Spice Hot Cups. These are so cute and oh-so-perfect for a coffee and tea party. Plus, they make clean up easy with no dishwashing. Anyways, these are perfect for coffee, tea, or even cider if you want to be festive!

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Multipack Hot Cups

The best way to throw together a coffee party is to get lots of different syrups, kinds of milk, and creamers to recreate your coffee shop go-to. Don’t worry about having the fanciest coffee maker in the world. People will love your party regardless because you are taking the time to make great memories and moments with all the important people in your life.

I know this is exactly what I will be doing for all my friends before we go on Thanksgiving break! A simple yet oh-so-fun party. Better yet, throw on a Christmas movie outside on a projector and cuddle up with blankets and your drinks. It doesn’t get better than that!

outdoor movie
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A Spookily Cute Party!

Spooky Cute Party

Halloween is my absolute all-time favorite holiday. Seriously, it is up there with Christmas. I think the decorations are so fun, the movies are great, and dressing up? I love that! It is a wonderful holiday that is filled with so much fun! Plus, who doesn’t love a holiday with a bunch of sweets! There is so much you can do for a Halloween party that doesn’t have to be filled with horror and gore! Spooky cute is trending, and let’s just say it is calling your name for this year’s Halloween party theme.

What’s spooky cute?

This is what I call a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics. It takes the scary aspects of Halloween and other such things, and it puts a cute, harmless twist on it! I love it! This about a witch or ghost. Scary stuff! However, brighten up the colors and make it a little softer and more childlike… you’ve got a spooky cute ghost and witch.

This image below captures the aesthetic perfectly. With colors like pastel green, lavender, peach orange,  black, and silver, you can have a softer more inviting look than something with dark green, orange, and black! I love the balloon arch with the one witch balloon. It adds a specific Halloween flair without being too gaudy or scary!

Halloween table
Courtesy of Catch My Party

We also have some napkins and plates that match this theme well found here.

Next, let’s talk about food! Anything and everything goes for a Halloween celebration. I think classic pumpkin cookies are a perfect edition to any table spread. Creative Kitchen right here in Fort Smith, AR can create a batch of pumpkin cookies that look straight picked from the patch.

pumpkin cookies
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Lastly, incorporating candy in a more sophisticated and theme-ready way is one way to elevate your spooky cute party! Things like test tubes with gummies or candy eyeballs can be a spooky cute vibe when done right! Again, focus on a good muted color palette that takes traditional Halloween colors and just brighten them up! It is the best way to ensure a truly fabulous Halloween party that looks trendy, aesthetic, and most importantly… spooky cute.

Halloween candy
Courtesy of Catch My Party

Stop on by Party Place for all your Halloween needs. Our balloons are perfect to incorporate the color scheme and don’t forget to look for serving utensils and plates!

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5 Foods to Make for a Relaxed Labor Day Celebration

Labor day celebration

Labor Day is coming up, so that means it is time to figure out how to put together a nice celebration for our friends and family. I have always preferred to do relaxed Labor Day parties because it is a day of relaxation for me. It is the last hurrah of the summer, and it is usually the perfect time to take a break since school and all other activities have started up again.

(Honestly, we should have a break every month in my opinion, but that still has yet to happen haha!)

labor day fruit skewer
Courtesy of Lydia Out Loud

Anyways, today we are going to get into five different foods you can easily make for whatever you end up doing for Labor Day. These will be quick and easy party foods and drinks that will surely be a major hit with all your guests.

  • Red, White, and Blue Rice Krispies Treats

I think these are so fun and festive! I love Rice Krispies anyways, so these are the perfect party food to me. These are super simple to make and just require a little food die in the marshmallow mixture to get the patriotic colors. Great grab and go option for the kiddos and adults alike.

red, white, and blue rice krispies
Courtesy of Baking Beauty
  • Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Such a fun way to curb that sweet tooth without overloading on sugar. My sister always makes this fruit pizza for all of our patriotic celebrations, and it is always a hit! Super easy to do, and it is always a lot of fun arranging the fruit in pretty ways on top. This is a good food to have the kids help out with too so they can feel like part of the party process.

American fruit salad
Courtesy of Mom Dot
  • Festive Sangria

Honestly, I think this speaks for itself. Sangria is the perfect drink option for summer because it is so refreshing and tasty. This one uses several different types of fruit to get a full and dun summery flavor that also is quite festive! With fruits like watermelon and blueberries in this sangria, you’re sure to stay cooler out there in that last of the summer heat!

labor day drink
Courtesy of Bren Did
  • Stars and Stripes Popcorn

There is nothing simpler to do for a party than popcorn! You pop the corn, add a little colored white chocolate, and then some fun star sprinkles. I make this for lots of holidays (just switching up the colors and sprinkles of course), and I can say with full confidence that it is always a hit.

labor day popcorn
Courtesy of Oh My Creative
  • Fun Fruit Salad

Lastly, we have a fruit salad. It is simple enough, and it is a good way to get your kids to eat more than just cookies and burgers at the Labor Day cookout or party you host. This is easy, fun, healthy, and always a crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t love a bowl of fruit!

Be sure to check out Party Place for all your party supplies! We have all the plates and cutlery you could ever need, and with all this delicious food, you’ll need it!